It has been quite some time since I last wrote a blog and this year has been a rather strange one! With the CV19 outbreak and the world going into lock down life has definitely changed. I hope you have all been keeping safe and are managing to get through this crisis. For me it has focused my mind more on Mrs S Creations. I had been toying with the idea of closing the shop down, I hadn’t been making as many bags and I lost my crafting mojo in general. I haven’t really done much crafting of any kind and my knitting mojo certainly disappeared.

However more recently and because I have been stuck at home on Furlough, my mojo has returned and I have decided I am going to push on with Mrs S Creations but change directions slightly. After going through the process of reorganising the house, shed, garden and anything else that needed clearing out (I’m pretty sure that quite a lot of you will have also gone through this phase!) I bought a wholesale order of gorgeous yarns and got my dye pots out! Hand dyeing yarn has become one of my favourite processes so I have decided to focus on hand dyed yarn. I love the process and love trying out colours together and mixing them up to get colours I love. I also like the challenge of recreating a colour – not always that straight forward! The ones in the picture here are yesterdays batch and virtually all new colourways. I have also made sure a lot of the colours work really well together. So I have decided that I am going to focus my time on developing the shop and hand dyes yarns. There will be project bags and buntings and other sewn items in the shop but only as and when I feel the need to get my sewing machine out! There are still quite a few project bags in stock at the moment. I have also decided to move away from Etsy and set up my own shop on my website, this has been taking quite a bit of time, hats off to people who create a lot of websites there is so much work involved that you don’t even think about!

In other news, I decided I wanted to learn to crochet properly. Granny squares and granny stripes were just about all I could manage and I really wanted to have a go at making some of the glorious crochet creatures that pop up on my Instagram feed!  So I purchased a simple book that has all the basic stitches and great explanations and started hooking! The heart in the photo is my first ever completed crochet project! I am making a granny stripe blanket but that won’t be finished for a very long time! The speed that crochet projects grow really appeals to me and I was so happy how this heart turned out! I am planning on making a mini crochet cactus I just need to find a pattern that isn;t too complicated!

My knitting progress is still slow but I seem to have quite a lot of WIPs that I really could do to get off the needles, I think I should probably finish some of my projects before I cast anything new on! I still have my Flax jumper on the needles which hasn’t been touched for quite a while. I also have two hats, two pairs of socks, a cowl, another jumper that only has around 4 rows completed and a shawl. Also there is a granny stripe blanket and also my never ending mitre square blanket. Now I know for some people this might not be a lot of WIPs but I find it overwhelming and that kind of stops me wanting to knit on anything. Does that make sense? I think I need to have a frog or finish month, I usually do that in February but didn’t get round to it this year. I will have all good intentions of getting some knitting done and blogging more frequently about it, but I won’t make any promises!

Well I hope you enjoyed my update, hopefully I will blog again when I open the shop and when I have a bit of knitting progress! I hope you are all staying safe and are OK. Hopefully things with return to some relative normality in the coming months. In the meantime you can catch me on Instagram as @mrsscreations I do manage to post over there more frequently.

Take care

Gilly x