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New Cast On and a Shop Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted, alas not all crafty. I can’t quite believe it is now mid October but the weather here has been very summer like! I wish the British weather would get it’s act together and decide what season it actually is!

Knitting Works In Progress

Since I last posted alas I have no finished objects.  I did get round to ripping back the gorgeous Hylestad socks by Evelina Roos sock and have now re-knit the leg and am happy to say the adjustments I made have worked and the sock will now fit over my heel! It just means I am not furter on with them then I was before!

knitting works in progress

I have however finally cast on my  Boxy by Joji Locateli and am really enjoying this knit.  This sweater does involve what feels like miles of mindless stocking stitch but it is just what I needed right now and I’ve made quite a bit of progress this last week.  I am loving the fabric of the yarn and the colour is deliciously neutral!  I would love to knit the fingering weight version of this but I honestly don’t think my attention span would take it although I do favour “vanilla” projects in general.  I think this is mainly because when I sit and knit I like to relax and not so anything too taxing on the old brain cells!

Other then the Boxy I didn’t manage to get anything else cast on this week, however I did decide to frog a few languishing projects.  I had been knitting the Tempting by Jenna Adorno in some Debbie Bliss yarn but I just wasn’t feeling it so it went to frogsville. This was the second attempt I had knitting this top and the second time I’ve frogged it! I really like the look of the top but am not sure if it is the yarn or the endless ribbing I am not feeling the love for, either way this one is now in permanent time out!

I still have plans to cast on the So Faded by Andrea Mowry in the next couple of weeks and am also planning on knitting another pair of colourwork socks based on the Hylestat  pattern but using a snowflake colourwork chart instead. We’ll see how that pans out very shortly!

Shop Update

knitting project bag

We have been busing sewing away in the studio and have had a fairly big shop update which includes some Christmas themed bags and some larger project bags. I have acquired some PVC fabric which I love and have added this to the bottom of some of the bags to give the bag a bit more stability. I usually use my knitting bags by sitting them on the floor and knitting pulling the yarn from in the bag, I though the PVC bottom would be better to keep clean especially with all the dog hairs my floor seems to accumulate! I have also added some larger sized bags suitable for 3-4 skein projects. I had tended to stick with smaller project sized bags but had the need for some bigger ones!

Click on the photo for more information or alternatively click here to go direct to our Etsy store. We have a sale on our Halloween bags until the 31st October.

If you have got this far, thanks for hanging on in there 🙂  At some point in the not too distant future I am planning on creating a knitting podcast, I just haven’t got round to organising myself just yet!

Happy crafting!


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An FO and a New Obsession

Well we are now at the end of September and I have no idea where this year has gone!  My knitting has been in a bit of a shlump at the moment but I think I have finally got my mo-jo back. This is largely due to my latest finished object and a whole host of knitting plans for the winter.

Finished Objects

knitting project shawl

Hurrah! I have finally finished my Sprite’s Fen Shawl! Although I love the finished object it was definately a slog. For whatever reason my brain could not handle the lace! I have yet to take some better photos of the finished item but it is beautiful. The lace is really delicate and I love the pale green colour. This being said, I think it was the shawl that has temporarily ended my shawl knitting spree! The photo show slightly the lacey lovliness, but I will do some better ones later.

A New Obesssion

So with this project finished I thought it was time to cast on something very different to a lace shawl.  So what could be more different then a colourwork pair of socks! 

knitting plans colourwork socks

I decided to knit these for the Festive Sock-along which is being hosted by Amy of the Stranded podcast.  She had knit a pair of socks based on the Hylestad socks by Evelina Roos and I thought they look fabulous.  So I bought the pattern and merrily cast on.  I decided to not follow the pattern completely a written but to do a variation and I am really pleased with how they look.

However there are two problems which I though I might encounter.

  1. I naturally knit with a very tight gauge.
  2. It’s colourwork that makes your gague tigher then normal

See where I’m going with this?  Yes they look great BUT I can’t get them over my foot despite knitting on a needle a size up!  The main issue is my gauge.  I realised it looked a bit tight about halfway through and worked on loosening my gauge and making my floats really loose.  This worked as the bottom half fits fine and is surprisingly stretchy for colourwork!

So this lovely bot of colourwork will be ripped back and started again!  I think I just might go up to a slightly bigger needle for the leg.  I also read somewhere that knitting colourwork inside out can help with gauge which worked for the bottom half but I think the whole thing needs to be inside out on the next attempt!

This hasn’t put me off, I absolutely love the pattern and who can resist such a lovely pair of socks?

Knitting Plans

So with shawl fest well and truly over for me, I have decided that this winter my knitting plans involve a lot of sweaters! I have a few projects in mind inlcuding a worstead Boxy by Joji Locateli. I didn’t have enough sweater yarn in stash for this so I have purcahsed some cascade 220.

Next planned is a laceweight sweater which is Purls in a Row by Suvi Simola. I had yarn for this in stash as I planned to knit a lacey cardigan. However after the Sprite’s Fen lace fall out I decided something a little more plain was in order! I am looking forward to getting started with this project, it looks great.

The third sweater I have lined up with yarn in the So Faded by Andrea Mowry. I have had this ready to cast on for quite a while but decided to wait until some of my WIPs were finished or frogged.

Finally after watching episode 46 of the Grocery Girls pocast I have added the Light Rain by Joji Locateli to my list of sweaters. Tracy was wearing one she had knit and it looked amazing. I haven’t got yarn for this yet but am thinking a lovely aqua or teal.



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Not a lot of knitting!

It’s been a wile since I last uploaded a blog post mainly due to my knitting mojo not returning yet!  I am still pretty much working on the same projects as before, I think that shawl with all those stitches has put me off picking my needles up!

necessary clutch wallet

However as I haven’t been in a knitting mood I have been doing rather a lot of sewing! Apart from the bags for the shop I have been wanting to sew up this great wallet and had some great fabric in my stash.  The pattern is the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags. I used a cerise cord for the outer fabric and a matching printed denim for the contrast both purchased from my local fabric shop.

This pattern is a great make and although it looks complicated it was actually a fairly easy make. The pattern instructions are really clear and make the process really enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to stitch up a wallet. I needed a new wallet and really liked this one as it has room to store your mobile phone and a lippy! Great if you don’t want to take a bag out with you. There will more of these in my near future and I plan to sew some up for the shop. I am planning on stitching some of these up with a PVC fabric with contrasting cottons to see what effect that gives. I think next time I will add a wrist strap and D ring to make it easy to carry.

Also new this week is the arrival of a new sewing machine! I have been planning new projects utilizing the embroidery features, watch this space! I am also planning on doing some dress making and have purchased McCalls M6462 dress which is a simple construction with only a few pattern pieces. Just the type of dress to get me back into dress making! Once I have found the perfect fabric I’ll post my progress on here.

In other news, nothing much has been going on! I have been on a bit of a health kick of late and poor Prince is finding himself exhausted with all the extra walkies! He doesn’t complain too much though.

So till my next post – happy crafting!

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Knitting WIPs and Plans

It seems an age since I have actually finished a knitting project so I am focussing on finishing everything I currently have on my needles which is about three projects!

The first one I am desperate to finish is my Sprite’s Fen Shawl by Helen Stewart. This is the second from the shawl society but I have fallen out of love with it when it got to an insane amount of stitches on my needles! I only have a few rows to go and I am planning on powering through now to finish within the next week. I love the pattern and think the finished object will be well worth it, I am just not loving the process right now. I seem to have lost the ability to keep track of the lace repeats so have had to put in several stitch markers to help me keep track. I think patterns with a massive amount of stitches on are maybe not really my forte. Fingers crossed my next blog post will show the finished object.

The other project I am working on is my Tea and Jam socks these are knit with Knit Pick Felici in the Tea Party colourway with Knit Picks Stroll Glimmer in the Runway colourway as a contrast. I am loving the way these socks are knitting up, you just can’t beat a good self stripping yarn! This is a plain vanilla sock and I’ll put a fish lips kiss heel in using the contrasting colour.

Other then these projects I have a whole load of project bags loaded with yarn ready to cast on my next projects.

First to be cast on will be the So Faded sweater by Andrea Mowry. There are some gorgeous fades out there some subtle and some more in your face. I have gone for a plain cream fading to an aqua and cream fading to a chocolate and aqua yarn so the fades are quite dramatic but will work well together I think. I am quite looking forward to getting stuck into this one I think it will look amazing.

Another garment I want to cast on is the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. I knit this last year and really love it. I am going for a neutral variegated yarn although I wasn’t able to get enough yarn for this so I am going to knit the ribbed sections in a contrasting colour.

The last garment I am planning for now is the Talus Cardigan by Romi Hill. This is a laceweight garment in two colours with a garter stitch body and a contrasting lave boarder and cuffs. I have a lovely neutral for the main body and a contrasting coral colour for the lace sections. I am a little put off by the patter though at the moment as the Sprite’s Fen has zapped my lace mojo! I think this will be the last of the three sweaters I cast on.

So that’s my plans, I will of course always have a pair of socks on the needles but I would like to focus on knitting sweaters for now…..

For knitters on Ravelry I tend to update my project and yarn info on there. Click here to view my project page. My Ravelery username is thisSillyGilly.

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Today’s Fabric Haul

So since my new sewing machine arrived I have been on a little bit of a fabric buying spree! Of course this is purely for research purposes, is what I tell Mr S when he looks at my fabric stash with that look of “OMG what has she been buying now?”

Today’s haul was a necessity as my local fabric shop is closing for a couple of months as the owner needs to take some time out and as she had some offers on certain fabrics I thought I would be rude not to go and add to my stash as I wont be able to for quite a while!

knitting bags

They had just received a delivery of denims and cord and I thought these heavier weight fabrics would make some really nice knitting project bags so I ended up buying some denim with a flower print and a contrasting cerise cord. I hope to be getting some of this cut out and some bags made up in the coming weeks as I think they will look great. I am also looking at having  a go at making some necessary clutch wallets from this combo too.

I was also tempted by the lovely VW Camper Van fabrics she had in stock. These cute vehicles are a firm family favourite an my daughter would love to own one so anything with a VW Camper gets my vote! Of course I had to purchase some contrasting lining fabric for my project bags.

Finally Christmas fabric has arrived! How could I resist these adorable fat quarter packs, it would be so rude not to. It looks like Christmas sewing projects will be underway soon (but not too soon)!

Now I may, or may not be waiting for more fabric to arrive from eBay 🙂  Watch this space……



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Welcome to Mrs S Creations!

Hello and welcome to our new site and blog.  My name is Gilly and I have been an avid crafter for many years with a passion for knitting and more recently sewing.  I live near the East Yorkshire coast and love to visit the nearby beaches with my beloved four legged best friend, Prince. If yostaffordshire bull terrieru start to follow my blog, which I really hope you will, there will be unapologetic photos and videos of my fur baby. This is a photo taken of him recently giving me sad eyes. He is much more photogenic then I am and I am sure you would all prefer to see his lovely face then my ugly mug 🙂

Other then my passion for fur babies (I love cats too) I will be sharing my knitting exploits and hoping to keep track of past, present and future projects! The knitting projects page is pretty much up to date with my current projects and completed projects from this year and I will attempt to keep that updated as well as a more ongoing commentary on my blog.

I have also rekindled my sewing passion after quite a few years away from it and I have been creating a fabric stash which has been fun.

I have blogged in the past, I have added links to my old blogs below. I am also on Ravelry as thisSillyGilly so if you are on there pop on over and say hello. I used to be pretty good at keeping my projects updated on there and have made sure they are up to date right now so you can see what I am working on and also future knitting plans.

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