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Cast On Party

After finishing my languishing projects last month it was inevitable that there would have to be more projects cast on to fill those empty needles! I have decided that I am going to limit my projects on the go to one sweater at a time, one or two socks and a couple of accessories. I figure this way I will have more variety of projects to chose from to keep me interested.


After knitting a fingering weight sweater I decided that I needed a much quicker knit! I wanted something really simple and straight forward and after many hours trawling through the patterns on Ravelry I opted for the Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits. The pattern is really well written and definitely suitable for a beginner knitter. I have not knot many Tin Can Knits designs but the ones I have I have found to be really clear and well written. I opted to leave off the garter stitch panel down the arms and just knit it in plain stockinette throughout. So far I am really happy with how this is knitting up and of course the speed! I am using Cascade Pacific yarn in the Dusty Turquoise colourway. It is an acrylic wool mix and is really soft to the touch and nice to knit with. I am not usually a fan of acrylic yarns however I had a sweater quantity in my stash and thought this would be a great project to use it on. For more details click here to go to my Ravelry project page.

Escher Hat

I first saw this pattern on the Stranded Podcast and fell in love with it! The pattern is Escher by Ellen Austin and is a worsted weight two colour hat. I have opted to make the large adult size as our family all have large heads! This is always a complaint from my son who always put Christmas cracker hats on only to realise that they split because his head is too big for them! Anyhow, the yarn I am using is Shepherd’s Wool in the colours Royal Blue and Baby pink. I have not used this yarn before and it was gifted to me as part of a fibreshare swap and I thought this pattern would be perfect for these colours. There is quite a lot of brim to knit and I am enjoying plugging away at that and it is growing relatively quickly. The project is really portable for now until I get onto the colourwork. This pattern is another really well written and charted one and even though I am terrible at charts I definitely think this is one that even I can manage! You can see the full details of this project by clicking here.

Kimber Hat

As I haven’t knit any hats for a while I decided that I need two on the needles. As I seem to be suffering from FOMO with the recent trend in knitting with mohair I thought this project was perfect. The pattern is the Kimber Hat by Noriko Ho and I discovered it through watching the Giddy Knits podcast who highlighted Noriko’s designs on a recent episode. For this pattern I am using a skein of Knit Picks Handpainted Stroll in the Mocha Tonal colourway held double with a strand of Ricco Designs Kid Mohair Silk. This is knitting up beautifully and giving a gorgeous halo to the work. I did however have a bit of trouble casting on for some reason. I first used some bamboo interchangeable needles but somehow managed to snap them within knitting my first row! I then tried another interchangeable needle but found that the needle point was a bit too long and was really awkward to knit on a 16″ cable. Finally I conceded and purchased some hiya hiya fixed circulars that were the right cable length – finally I was able to get going with this hat! The pattern is well written and I am now looking forward to getting it finished, now I have resolved the needle issue! For full details click here.

Sample Socks

The final thing I have cast on is some sample socks knit from my hand dyed yarn. Since I started dyeing yarn I haven’t done many samples so I am not certain how some of the colourways will knit up! This one is the Dirty Fiesta colourway which was a complete accidental colour! I am really liking the way it knits up, it reminds me a little bit of tiger skin print! I think I am going to revisit this colourway and tweak it slightly to see if I can actually get it more tiger print like. I have no idea whether this will be possible but I sure will have a lot of fun trying! I tens to knit my sock samples on 2.5mm needles as I am a fairly tight knitter. I also prefer a short row heel and a rounded toe. I have set up a project page for my samples and will be adding new ones as I knit them up. You can click here for more details.

So with all the casting on that has been happening I now have several WIPs and several more planned! I am trying to keep my projects to 4 or 5 so at least I will be able to see progress rather then having a bazillion WIPs that never get finished!!

Till next time, happy knitting / crochet 🙂

Gilly x



rst saw this pattern on the Stranded Podcast and fell in love with it!

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