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It has been quite some time since I last wrote a blog post I almost forgot how!  This year has flown by and as usual life has got in the way of my crafting and my knitting mojo has been hiding somewhere.

Despite that I did mange to knit this gorgeous Zorzal shawl which is a pattern by Lisa Hannes.  The pattern is really well written and I thoroughly enjoyed this knit, it is certainly one I will be knitting again in the near future and I would certainly recommend it.

I chose to use two of my own yarns, the purple speckled is Georgina and the pale pink tonal id Rose Cream on gold sparkle yarn.  I love the way these two yarns work together, they blend in quite subtly but give a nice effect.  I think the next one I am going to knit will be with more contrasting yarns for a different look.

To get my knitting mojo back I have decided to try and knit at least 30 minutes everyday and to get me started I will be posting on Instagram every day during September using the hashtag #30minutesofknitting.  Hopefully this will help me get my knitting mojo back.  I am also planning on writing a blog post weekly to get back into the swing of blogging.

So starting this today I have spent some time in our garden room knitting on my Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.  This is a really simple garter stitch shawlette and the pattern is easily memorised after a few repeats.  I love the way this is turning out, it is another sample knit for my yarns.  This yarn is Peach Fizz in the Titamium sock base.  Peach and golden yellow tones are some of my favourite to knit with.  I have spent longer then 30 minutes on this today but it still counts as the aim of the exercise is to knit for at LEAST 30 minutes each day!

In other news I have been busy working on Christmas stock for the shop and have decided to create some reversible project bags that are also at a more affordable price.  These bags aren’t interfaced and are not box bottomed so materials and the time needed to sew them up is reduced allowing me to bring the price down.  There is also the usual range of one of a kind prints and some more repeatable ones.  I always love choosing the fabrics for my Christmas bags even though my son looks at me as if I am insane asking him to reach the Christmas decorations for my in August!

That’s all for now – happy knitting and if you would like to join me with the #30minutesofknitting on Instagram I would love to see your projects.

Gilly x

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Cast On Party

After finishing my languishing projects last month it was inevitable that there would have to be more projects cast on to fill those empty needles! I have decided that I am going to limit my projects on the go to one sweater at a time, one or two socks and a couple of accessories. I figure this way I will have more variety of projects to chose from to keep me interested.


After knitting a fingering weight sweater I decided that I needed a much quicker knit! I wanted something really simple and straight forward and after many hours trawling through the patterns on Ravelry I opted for the Flax sweater by Tin Can Knits. The pattern is really well written and definitely suitable for a beginner knitter. I have not knot many Tin Can Knits designs but the ones I have I have found to be really clear and well written. I opted to leave off the garter stitch panel down the arms and just knit it in plain stockinette throughout. So far I am really happy with how this is knitting up and of course the speed! I am using Cascade Pacific yarn in the Dusty Turquoise colourway. It is an acrylic wool mix and is really soft to the touch and nice to knit with. I am not usually a fan of acrylic yarns however I had a sweater quantity in my stash and thought this would be a great project to use it on. For more details click here to go to my Ravelry project page.

Escher Hat

I first saw this pattern on the Stranded Podcast and fell in love with it! The pattern is Escher by Ellen Austin and is a worsted weight two colour hat. I have opted to make the large adult size as our family all have large heads! This is always a complaint from my son who always put Christmas cracker hats on only to realise that they split because his head is too big for them! Anyhow, the yarn I am using is Shepherd’s Wool in the colours Royal Blue and Baby pink. I have not used this yarn before and it was gifted to me as part of a fibreshare swap and I thought this pattern would be perfect for these colours. There is quite a lot of brim to knit and I am enjoying plugging away at that and it is growing relatively quickly. The project is really portable for now until I get onto the colourwork. This pattern is another really well written and charted one and even though I am terrible at charts I definitely think this is one that even I can manage! You can see the full details of this project by clicking here.

Kimber Hat

As I haven’t knit any hats for a while I decided that I need two on the needles. As I seem to be suffering from FOMO with the recent trend in knitting with mohair I thought this project was perfect. The pattern is the Kimber Hat by Noriko Ho and I discovered it through watching the Giddy Knits podcast who highlighted Noriko’s designs on a recent episode. For this pattern I am using a skein of Knit Picks Handpainted Stroll in the Mocha Tonal colourway held double with a strand of Ricco Designs Kid Mohair Silk. This is knitting up beautifully and giving a gorgeous halo to the work. I did however have a bit of trouble casting on for some reason. I first used some bamboo interchangeable needles but somehow managed to snap them within knitting my first row! I then tried another interchangeable needle but found that the needle point was a bit too long and was really awkward to knit on a 16″ cable. Finally I conceded and purchased some hiya hiya fixed circulars that were the right cable length – finally I was able to get going with this hat! The pattern is well written and I am now looking forward to getting it finished, now I have resolved the needle issue! For full details click here.

Sample Socks

The final thing I have cast on is some sample socks knit from my hand dyed yarn. Since I started dyeing yarn I haven’t done many samples so I am not certain how some of the colourways will knit up! This one is the Dirty Fiesta colourway which was a complete accidental colour! I am really liking the way it knits up, it reminds me a little bit of tiger skin print! I think I am going to revisit this colourway and tweak it slightly to see if I can actually get it more tiger print like. I have no idea whether this will be possible but I sure will have a lot of fun trying! I tens to knit my sock samples on 2.5mm needles as I am a fairly tight knitter. I also prefer a short row heel and a rounded toe. I have set up a project page for my samples and will be adding new ones as I knit them up. You can click here for more details.

So with all the casting on that has been happening I now have several WIPs and several more planned! I am trying to keep my projects to 4 or 5 so at least I will be able to see progress rather then having a bazillion WIPs that never get finished!!

Till next time, happy knitting / crochet 🙂

Gilly x



rst saw this pattern on the Stranded Podcast and fell in love with it!