Well we are now at the end of September and I have no idea where this year has gone!  My knitting has been in a bit of a shlump at the moment but I think I have finally got my mo-jo back. This is largely due to my latest finished object and a whole host of knitting plans for the winter.

Finished Objects

knitting project shawl

Hurrah! I have finally finished my Sprite’s Fen Shawl! Although I love the finished object it was definately a slog. For whatever reason my brain could not handle the lace! I have yet to take some better photos of the finished item but it is beautiful. The lace is really delicate and I love the pale green colour. This being said, I think it was the shawl that has temporarily ended my shawl knitting spree! The photo show slightly the lacey lovliness, but I will do some better ones later.

A New Obesssion

So with this project finished I thought it was time to cast on something very different to a lace shawl.  So what could be more different then a colourwork pair of socks! 

knitting plans colourwork socks

I decided to knit these for the Festive Sock-along which is being hosted by Amy of the Stranded podcast.  She had knit a pair of socks based on the Hylestad socks by Evelina Roos and I thought they look fabulous.  So I bought the pattern and merrily cast on.  I decided to not follow the pattern completely a written but to do a variation and I am really pleased with how they look.

However there are two problems which I though I might encounter.

  1. I naturally knit with a very tight gauge.
  2. It’s colourwork that makes your gague tigher then normal

See where I’m going with this?  Yes they look great BUT I can’t get them over my foot despite knitting on a needle a size up!  The main issue is my gauge.  I realised it looked a bit tight about halfway through and worked on loosening my gauge and making my floats really loose.  This worked as the bottom half fits fine and is surprisingly stretchy for colourwork!

So this lovely bot of colourwork will be ripped back and started again!  I think I just might go up to a slightly bigger needle for the leg.  I also read somewhere that knitting colourwork inside out can help with gauge which worked for the bottom half but I think the whole thing needs to be inside out on the next attempt!

This hasn’t put me off, I absolutely love the pattern and who can resist such a lovely pair of socks?

Knitting Plans

So with shawl fest well and truly over for me, I have decided that this winter my knitting plans involve a lot of sweaters! I have a few projects in mind inlcuding a worstead Boxy by Joji Locateli. I didn’t have enough sweater yarn in stash for this so I have purcahsed some cascade 220.

Next planned is a laceweight sweater which is Purls in a Row by Suvi Simola. I had yarn for this in stash as I planned to knit a lacey cardigan. However after the Sprite’s Fen lace fall out I decided something a little more plain was in order! I am looking forward to getting started with this project, it looks great.

The third sweater I have lined up with yarn in the So Faded by Andrea Mowry. I have had this ready to cast on for quite a while but decided to wait until some of my WIPs were finished or frogged.

Finally after watching episode 46 of the Grocery Girls pocast I have added the Light Rain by Joji Locateli to my list of sweaters. Tracy was wearing one she had knit and it looked amazing. I haven’t got yarn for this yet but am thinking a lovely aqua or teal.