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Finish Or Frog It February!

It has been quite some time since I last posted to this blog. Just over  year in fact and it seems I have been working on the same knitting projects for over a year! My knitting mojo seems to have disappeared, the last 12 months have been pretty hectic with a house move and other things going on that has made me not want to knit. The good news is – it’s back and some of those projects I wanted to frog or finish last February have now been completed and my mojo has returned! So without further ado here are my latest finished objects that were all languishing works in progress.

So Faded Sweater by Andrea Mowry

so faded I cast this project on way back in August 2017 using yarns that took it from a natural un-dyed cream through to a chocolate brown solid. I am really pleased with how the colour transitions worked out. I made the size large and used around  280g of yarn in total in four colourways. I decided to make a split seam hem using seed stitch rather than ribbing along the bottom edge, I really liked how this turned out. However if I make another I would still do a split seam hem but would make the jumper much longer to come down over the hips. There is no shaping in the garment on the body which I really like as I prefer to wear jumpers lose over leggings or jeans. Overall I really enjoyed making this sweater although it took me quite a while. Once I picked it up again it was a joy and very meditative and it flew off the needles in no time. Click here for the link to this project on my Ravelry page.

Hylestad Socks by Evelina Roos

The next languishing project I finished this month were my Hylestad socks. These have been on my needles since October 2017 as I cast them on as Christmas socks for that year! This was the first colour work socks I have attempted and I really like how they turned out. I modified the pattern slightly by only doing part of the leg chart as I prefer shorter leg length on my socks. Also as I am a tight knitter I went up a needle size to do the colour work section on the leg. Even then I have to rip back my first attempt as there wasn’t enough stretch due to tight floats and tension. I ended up turning my knitting inside out which really helped me keep my floats lose enough and give me a better tension. I think they have turned out OK but don’t think I would chose to knit another pair. Click here for the link to my Ravelry page for this project.

Strictly Vanilla Latte Socks

 Another finished object this month is my Vanilla Latte socks that I cast on last September as part of the Strictly Sock knit-a-long hosted by Ali of the Little Drops of Wonderful podcast. Sadly I didn’t finish these in time for the knit along but I do love the finished socks. The pattern is a simple 3 x 1 rib with a short row heel that is just made up from my personal vanilla sock recipe. The real start of this project though is the yarn. I used the Lavender Fairy colourway from Giddy Yarns which was part of her flower fairy club last year and I absolutely love the colours and of course the sparkle in the yarn! The pattern and the yarn for me are a perfect match and these are possibly my favourite sock combination. Click here to see the details on my Ravelry page.

Gramps by Tin Can Knits

The final finished project this month was my Gramps baby sweater by Tin Can Knits. I cast this on for my friend’s Grandson last year, however due to my slow knitting and lack of mojo it is probably too small for him now! I maybe shouldn’t knit for small people unless I cast on a sweater for a 5 year old when someone has a baby – that way they may actually get a garment that will fit by the time I finish knitting it!  😆 Ah well this one will just go in the “future baby gift” basket! I really enjoyed knitting it, there is something therapeutic about knitting baby sweaters as they knit up so quickly, well providing you actually knit on them. This pattern was an absolute joy and I love the way it looks – such a cute garment. I still need to get buttons for it but will get some leather football buttons from my LYS next time I pass. Click here to see my Ravelry page for this project.

These were the projects that had been on my needles for quite some time that I finished this month as part of my finish or frog it February purge. This is something I like to do every year although the last 12 months has seen very little knitting from me! However as there have been quite a few finished objects, that means there will be a parade of new cast-oms coming soon!

Best wishes

Gilly x

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