Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case – New Product

We designed an interchangeable knitting needle case to store the multiple sets of needles that are my needle of choice.  I tend to buy my needles individually rather then in sets but by doing this they don’t come with a case. Up till now I have been storing my needles and wires in the plastic bags they come in just shoved in a drawer!

interchangeable knitting needle case

It takes me ages to find the right needle and the right sized wire not to mention those tools you need to tighten the wire to the tip.

Inspired by the credit card slots in my necessary clutch wallet I decided to design a case with a couple of layers to add storage space without the pouch being too large. The overall dimension of the case when closed is about 6.1/2″ by 7″ and with needles and notions in is around 3/4″ deep. This size makes it a perfect size to be portable. It can hold at least 12 needle tips and 4 wires with a zipper pouch for those essential notions.

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case Features

interchangeable knitting needle caseThere are 12 slots to store needle tips which are laid out in two row of 6. The needle tips in the picture are between 3.25 mm and 4.0 mm however the case will hold larger sizes. These tips are all Knitpro needles and are the 5″ length ones. I designed the pockets for this size as it is the size I would normally knit with.

As Knitpro are my go to needles I wanted to add a pouch to store the ever useful tightening keys and the stoppers for the wires. I thought that a small notions pouch would fit in nicely in the middle of the case for these essential items.

Finally the only thing left to store was the wires! I decided to make them the same height as the tip pockets and double to width which makes them a great sizes for the wires.

To finish off I used a magnetic clasp on a flap for an neat finish. Overall I am happy with this product. I am planning on getting a few more sewn up and in the shop by the end of the year some will be in fabrics to match current bags.

interchangeable knitting needle case