It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I last posted, alas not all crafty. I can’t quite believe it is now mid October but the weather here has been very summer like! I wish the British weather would get it’s act together and decide what season it actually is!

Knitting Works In Progress

Since I last posted alas I have no finished objects.  I did get round to ripping back the gorgeous Hylestad socks by Evelina Roos sock and have now re-knit the leg and am happy to say the adjustments I made have worked and the sock will now fit over my heel! It just means I am not furter on with them then I was before!

knitting works in progress

I have however finally cast on my  Boxy by Joji Locateli and am really enjoying this knit.  This sweater does involve what feels like miles of mindless stocking stitch but it is just what I needed right now and I’ve made quite a bit of progress this last week.  I am loving the fabric of the yarn and the colour is deliciously neutral!  I would love to knit the fingering weight version of this but I honestly don’t think my attention span would take it although I do favour “vanilla” projects in general.  I think this is mainly because when I sit and knit I like to relax and not so anything too taxing on the old brain cells!

Other then the Boxy I didn’t manage to get anything else cast on this week, however I did decide to frog a few languishing projects.  I had been knitting the Tempting by Jenna Adorno in some Debbie Bliss yarn but I just wasn’t feeling it so it went to frogsville. This was the second attempt I had knitting this top and the second time I’ve frogged it! I really like the look of the top but am not sure if it is the yarn or the endless ribbing I am not feeling the love for, either way this one is now in permanent time out!

I still have plans to cast on the So Faded by Andrea Mowry in the next couple of weeks and am also planning on knitting another pair of colourwork socks based on the Hylestat  pattern but using a snowflake colourwork chart instead. We’ll see how that pans out very shortly!

Shop Update

knitting project bag

We have been busing sewing away in the studio and have had a fairly big shop update which includes some Christmas themed bags and some larger project bags. I have acquired some PVC fabric which I love and have added this to the bottom of some of the bags to give the bag a bit more stability. I usually use my knitting bags by sitting them on the floor and knitting pulling the yarn from in the bag, I though the PVC bottom would be better to keep clean especially with all the dog hairs my floor seems to accumulate! I have also added some larger sized bags suitable for 3-4 skein projects. I had tended to stick with smaller project sized bags but had the need for some bigger ones!

Click on the photo for more information or alternatively click here to go direct to our Etsy store. We have a sale on our Halloween bags until the 31st October.

If you have got this far, thanks for hanging on in there 🙂  At some point in the not too distant future I am planning on creating a knitting podcast, I just haven’t got round to organising myself just yet!

Happy crafting!