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Project Bag Market Research Giveaway – Closed


Thank you to all participants in my first giveaway. All of your feedback has been really useful and much appreciated. The winner has been selected by random number generator and contacted.


It’s been busy in the studio the last few weeks sewing up bags and being distracted by the return of the knitting mojo!

This post is a little different, I have been sewing up project bags and planning some new products for the new year. I would love it though if I could get some feedback from knitters or crocheters on the type of project bag you like.

knitting project bagIt would be greatly appreciated if you would comment on this post below and let me know what type of project bags you prefer. For instance do you like wedge bags, pyramid or box bags? Do you prefer zippers or drawstring bags? Also I’d love to know what type of print you like on your fabrics and whether you think pockets are useful 🙂

As a token of my appreciation I will giveaway one of my project bags by picking a post using random number generator. Depending on the number of comments, I will look at doing this by the 31st December.

I look forward to reading your comments and getting some different types of bag on the sewing machine 🙂

Many thanks

Gilly x

30 thoughts on “Project Bag Market Research Giveaway – Closed

  1. I love zippered wedge bags!! Pockets are absolutely a must. I love different choices of fabrics. Examples: flowers, coffee, dogs, cats, sheep, fall scenes, winter scenes, sloths, cute sayings etc. I am drawn to purples and reds but depending on the bag would also choose bright fun colors. I hope this helps. I also prefer medium and large sizes. I knit sweaters so big bags are awesome!!

    1. Hi Shanta,
      Thanks for your feedback, it is really useful to know what type people prefer. Zippered wedges are my personal favourite too 🙂
      Gilly x

  2. I love your project bags!! I prefer the drawstring bags and the zippered ones. I make them myself and then i love to put in an extra pocket inside for tiny things like progress keepers.
    Also, when they do have a zipper it’s hard for me to not use them for something else…like toilet stuff :))
    For the fabrics..your fabrics are great! I like bright colours and fun. But I don’t like photo fabrics (should I call it that way?) or ‘ real’ animals on fabric.

    1. Thanks Dorith. I know what you mean about using zipper bags for other stuff. My kids have put orders in for make-up bags for their girlfriends this Christmas! I’m hoping I can persuade them to take up knitting!
      Gilly x

  3. Just to be difficult – I like different styles for different things ? but if I had to choose just one it’d be a zippered wedge bag with internal slip pockets, an external zip pocket on the back, bright plain fabric for the lining, tags on both sides with split rings for a long (adjustable) shoulder strap (with clips so I can switch it for the essential matching wrist strap), two internal tags (for stitch markers, house key etc). I prefer the zip to be hidden (Not invisible just not a tagged piece going over the edge) I love gorgeous patterned fabric in lots of themes- cats, sheep, knitting, crochet, cats, words, space, shells, cats, yarn, etc etc etc – did I mention cats? ? One crucial thing – no green, I’m phobic about any shade of that colour!

    Thank you for the chance to win one of your bags Gilly !

    1. Thanks Lesley, there are a lot of things I hadn’t though about adding. I love the idea of having two tabs for a detachable shoulder or wrist strap. I haven’t had any cat fabric YET but It is on the list – my daughter is cat crazy too 🙂
      Gilly x

      1. From another Lesley I agree with all of the above with the exception of tabs on the zip. In my old age the tabs come in handy to grip the zip. LOVE the fabric on the bags pictured. Any bag is a good bag.???

        1. Thanks Lesley. I like something on the zipper to grab as well, makes it easier 🙂
          Gilly x

  4. I would love larger bags (sweater/blanket project size). If a larger bag I’d like a long shoulder strap.
    I also like bags with a flat base so they can stand alone. For me larger bags must have pockets and I prefer if pockets are different sizes and w/wo closures. I have no preference on zipper v drawstring closure.
    Fabrics Рtravel themed, tonal, and ombr̩,

    1. Thanks for your feedback Anna. I haven’t thought about longer shoulder straps but think this is a good idea for larger bags. This is something I’ll certainly look at doing at some point.
      Gilly x

  5. Hi! I really like wedge bags and box bags. I love zippers with tiny teeth (less likely for yarn to snag). Choices for fabrics are amazing too, as is a variety of sizes (one suited for a small project vs. One suited for a medium-large sized project. Internal pockets are nice, but not a deal breaker. If it has an internal pocket- little snap loops are good for storing stitch markers or keeping skeins separate for colorwork.

    1. Thanks Nadine. I am planning on doing some wedge bags in the next batch I’m just playing around with methods of sewing them and sizing.
      Gilly x

  6. I LOVE your bags!!! I usually prefer wedged zipper bags so that I can put on a progress keeper for zipper pull hehe. These days I tend to grab for any Christmas themed bags but love any animal/forest prints. And Harry Potter of course haha! Best wishes from Norway! <3

    1. Thanks Hanne-Elin. Wedge zippers are my favourite and who can resist Harry Potter? 🙂 I plan to get some Harry Potter themed fabrics in the new year, my daughter is a huge fan.
      Gilly x

  7. I’ve only ever used drawstring bags, so I’m not sure what my preference would be. I’m drawn to zippered wedge bags when I look at the varieties. I love seasonal prints, gothic prints, literary prints, and cutsie prints.

    1. Thanks Amanda 🙂 There are some really great Gothic prints out there I haven’t tried as yet. They are on my “to do” list.

  8. I like wedge bags with an “open wide” zipper, on the opposite side a handy ribbon or fabric handle, and an interior slip pocket. I usually buy smaller sizes for sock knitting, something I can tuck into my everyday purse. For fabrics I like cute but not cartoony/cutesy themes – I tend to buy batiks, small florals, and “natural” themes like woodlands, seasons, landscapes, sea scenes, animals, and plants.

    1. Thanks Peggy. Wedge bags are my favourite I like to fold the top over when I’m knitting to make a yarn bowl so zippers running full width of the bag are a must for me too 🙂
      Gilly x

  9. I like bags with zippers because of easy access. I love pockets and then they are needed in every bag as I knit Portuguese style and have to store a knitting pin in my bag. I also love bright happy patterns (the flamingo is my favorite!

    1. Thanks Anna. I am fascinated by Portuguese style knitting people say it is good ergonomically and quick too.
      Gilly x

  10. A zipper boxed bag with checkered print.

    1. Thanks Leatita, I am planning making some box bags next year.

  11. Hi there from South Africa! I have yet to come across a “beading” bag – Beading is my craft and all the beads and bits and bobs are in plastic partitioned boxes so I usually have aproblem taking all my goodies along to a craft meet. I love a square zippered bag with zippered pockets inside. Fabric must be colorful and polka dots normally catch my eye.

    1. Thanks Sharon-Ann. I hadn’t thought about beading but it makes sense to have a bag with lots of partitions. This is something I’ll definitely have a look at as I think a bag like that would be useful for all kinds of crafting 🙂
      Gilly x

  12. I prefer large box bags with zips to keep my knitting in and pockets are useful for keeping little things in like stitch markers etc. I LOVE your choice of fabrics that I’ve seen in all the pics!

    1. Thanks Claire. I have been experimenting with box bags, I like the design and will be making some of these in the future.
      Gilly x

  13. Hi Gilly, Love your bags. I do crochet and knitting. Prefer zipped wedge bags with inner pockets. The fabric you use is absolutely stunning!

    1. Thanks Fransie. I really enjoy choosing different fabrics for me it’s one of the best bits of the making process 🙂
      Gilly x

  14. I prefer drawstring for my sock bags and a large wedge for my shawl/sweater projects. I’ve never had a box bag, but would like to try one. My ideal bag would have a zipper pouch for notions inside, a handle and a ring to clip stitch marker to ?

    1. Thanks Sharon. I am planning to do some drawstring sock sacks in the near future.
      Gilly x

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