Stitch markers for me are a life saver where my knitting is concerned. I love to knit lace patterns but always seem to lose track of pattern repeats or stitch counts.  This can be incredibly frustrating when you have over 500 stitches on your needles! I have had to rip back rows so many times because I lost count or simply got distracted. With this in mind I decided to make some stitch marker sets to use with my knitting projects.

Ways To Use Stitch Markers

When I am knitting a large lace project no matter how easy the lace pattern is I use ring stitch markers between repeats to help me keep track of the pattern and stitch count.  For example the latest shawl I am knitting has a lot of stitches on it for the final pattern repeats. To help me keep track I have created some light stitch markers to help me keep track of my pattern repeats.  This has helped my sanity no end making it easy to ensure my patterns line up.

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Currently In The Shop

We have a selection of designs in our shop from cute puppies to zombies – there is something in there for everyone.


christmas stitch markers for knitting or crochet

With Christmas almost upon us we have been busy making up stitch markers with a festive theme.

Chose from sets of silver metal charms and beaded zipper pulls or why not embellish your projects or project bags with one of our polymer clay Christmas themed progress keepers? We have quite a few sets in the shop for your festive projects.


stitch markers

These adorable woodland themed progress keepers are very popular and are ideal for knitting or crochet projects. These are sold individually with a choice of design as shown in the picture.

These can also be used as a zipper pull for your knitting project bags. The doormouse is a firm favourite here at Mrs S Creations – which is yours?



stitch markers daschund

Being dog lovers who could resist these adorable Dachshunds?  These stitch marker sets come in a pack of two ring markers which will fit needles up to 5mm. There is also a beaded progress keeper / zipper pull stating “I Love My Dog”.  We also have a cute puppy sets and a couple of Bulldog sets.

There are also several other dog themed stitch marker sets in the shop at the moment. Click here to pop over and have a look.